2020 Clinic Fundraising: Brazil (June)

Team Brazil 2020

Funds raised support OneSight's clinic programming across the globe. Every donation is appreciated.

According to the October 2019 World Health Organization World report on vision, at least 2.2 billion people have vision impairment or blindness, of which over 1 billion cases could have been prevented or have yet to be addressed. OneSight's mission is to solve this global crisis and your generous gift can help us.

In June, OneSight will be sending a team of volunteers to Brazil for a charitable vision clinic. While there, our team will provide comprehensive eye exams and manufacture new glasses on-site for those in need.

OneSight is continuing it's mission to solve this global crisis and unlock the potential of every man, woman, and child. The potential to learn more, earn more, and live better, OneSight has organized over 2,000 vision care clinics in 54 different countries. This mission would not be possible without the dedication of our volunteers and people like you. OneSight thanks you!