PERU 2017

Until the world can see. I'll start my birthday having breakfast with my kids, then head to Peru for the next two weeks to help at a clinic to provide eye care to nearly 5000 people.

2017 Clinic Fundraising: Peru

Around the world, millions of people suffer from poor vision, vision impairment and blindness. An eye exam and a simple pair of glasses can help most of them reach their full potential, but, according to the World Health Organization, 90% of them live in low income areas, many in developing parts of the world.

In conjunction with my upcoming clinic, I’m fundraising to bring vision care access to millions in need through OneSight. In the last 25 years, OneSight has provided clear vision to 8.5 million people, but 1.1 billion people still need help.

Will 20 friends join me in donating $20 to the cause? Funds raised will directly support OneSight programs throughout the US and the World.

Together we can eradicate the global vision care crisis in our lifetime.

484191 Market Pucallpa Peru


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